Lime and Basil Banana Frozen Dessert


It’s been HOT in Montreal for the last few days! To be honest, it made my enthusiasm for cooking dropped, as I was unable to use any source of heath without suffocating in my (lovely) tiny, not-so-windy, apartment.

I was lucky enough to have my blender to the rescue, which allowed me to do cold soups, refreshing smoothies, mashed beans and, of course, of course, frozen desserts! Well, I must say that, thanks to my “online trainer” Cassey, I’ve discovered banana “ice cream” a few months ago and it just changed my life! That, and the fact that my lovely boyfriend bought me a Vitamix for my birthday (yeah, I know, I’m a really lucky girl)…

Now, if you don’t know what a Vitamix is, all I can say is that it’s a big investment I’ve never seen anyone regrets (every owner of a Vitamix is simply in love with it!). Vitamix is a “kind of” blender that is so powerful it pulverizes EVERYTHING (and when I say powerful, I mean like, powerful enough to turn raw cold veggies in a hot soup in a few minutes. A HOT soup!). This makes frozen dessert cooking a lot easier, to the point that I didn’t buy any frozen desserts for the last few months (and I’m like, totally a fan of those). Needless to say, the desserts I do at home are A LOT healthier than what could be find in grocery stores!

So, if you wanna try my latest recipe, you’ll need a blender (not necessarily high-powered like mine), and those :

Ingredients :

For 1 serving

  • Pieces of  1 1/2 frozen bananas **see my trick below
  • 1/2 lime (only the juice if you have a regular blender, but put the pulp if you have a Vitamix)
  • 1 tbsp fresh basil
  • 1 tbsp greek yogourt (optional, this recipe would totally work vegan)
  • Chia seeds, to garnish

Directions :

Just put the bananas, lime, basil, and greek yogourt (optional) in your blender. Put the blender on and wait until the mixture gets a smooth, ice cream like texture. Don’t let it too long! Otherwise, it will melt!

Put the mixture in a bowl or a glass and sprinkle it with chia seeds. Put some leaves of basil to garnish.


Trick for frozen bananas :

Since I’ve discovered the whole frozen banana awesomeness thing (and I’m not talking about those also awesome Arrested development’s frozen bananas), I’ve kept bananas in my freezer all the time! I just wait for my bananas to be a little brown and too ripe (which also mean, sweeter) and peel them, cut them in two or three parts, and put them in a plastic container that I keep in my freezer (in which I seldom put other too riped to eat fruits). It looks like this :


Ok, so, this is not the prettiest picture ever. But I just wanted you to see what I meant. Now, if you don’t own a Vitamix, I would suggest you that you cut your pieces A LOT SMALLER, so you won’t do any harm to your blender.

It takes a few hours to freeze the bananas, but it’s even better if you can let them in the freezer overnight. Those frozen wonders are also perfect for smoothies, or course.

Enjoy your healthy treat!

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