Food Sculpture : How to cut “Apple Arrows”

apple arrows

This is a VERY SPECIAL post for my BIRTHDAY! Yeah, I got a little crazy and convinced myself that I had to beat my fear of seeing (and earring!) myself on video. I was just so enthusiast with the feeling that this sculpture skill was one of the only original thing I could put out there on the Internet that I just jumped into it : removed my old nail polish with the last bit of remover I had, took the only apple left in the fridge, and got it front of my computer like it was now or never!

Here you can see the result :

Hope I’ve said enough to make you a pro with apple cutting!


And now that I’ve finally put my face on the blog, I can also show you the FANTASTIC tank top I got just in time for my birthday!

jpeg peanut

It’s from Blogilates. I simply love to encouraged creator Cassey Ho caus she really helped me get stronger during the last year with her amazing fitness videos! Just like Cassey,  I can completely binge into peanut butter. This is the only food that I crave that much! I just don’t get why… I don’t eat peanut butter everyday, but when I feel the urge, it really is something!

So, now it’s time for me to enjoy my birthday! It will be terrific, as I’ll go to raw vegan restaurant Crudessence with my boyfriend and then… sing KARAOKE with my friends till no sound can come out of my mouth anymore!!!

Hope you have a nice day too! 17th of july should always be wonderful… I mean, it’s my birthday!

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2 thoughts on “Food Sculpture : How to cut “Apple Arrows”

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