DIY : How to make a “Magic Bag” from an Old Sack of Rice

pain killer magic bag

I’m writing this post with my new magic bag on my lower back and I’m beyond happy! It’s good to know that I’m able to compensate my stupidity (I experience back pain right now because yesterday I was too proud to stop a workout that was obviously too hard so I could keep a good form) by a flash of genius!

I was complaining to my boyfriend about the fact that I was in pain, telling him I could not understand why we didn’t own a magic bag, when he suggested to me I should do my own. I have no sewing skills and no fabric (which is a shame because my mommy is the best seamstress IN THE ENTIRE WORLD), but I had the sudden idea of reusing a old sack of rice! Isn’t it cool?! I’ve always kept some of those to put my lunches or other things in them, but now I feel those bags have found their vocation (from rice to rice!)

So, I took the cute sewing kit my mom just gave me and went on the internet to make sure I wasn’t going to blow the house down with my experiment (THIS site confirmed me that I was on right direction). Obviously, I didn’t want the metal zipper to stay on the bag cause it wouldn’t have been fun in the microwave (well, depending of your definition of what is fun). Anyway, the magic bag would have been too big for what I needed.

So, here is what you’ll need :

  • An old sack of rice
  • Some uncooked rice (or other fillings you can find on that previously mentioned website)
  • One needle
  • Some thread
  • Scissors
  • A microwave

I simply put in the bag the amount of rice I felt was optimal and folded the sack in two so I could sew it in the middle. This size felt like the best to me but I could have gone bigger or smaller. Here is how I folded the bag to sew it :

IMG_0978 IMG_0980 IMG_0977Once your bag is folded in two, just sew the thread all along the fold so the sack is close. Of course, this will look handmade and not perfect at all, but it matches with the style of the bag, and I’m obviously giving tips to no experts here! I don’t even know if what I write is understandable, as my english “sewing vocabulary” is all coming from Google Translate… ouch! Anyway, I guess you can all figure it out from the pictures…

When your bag is closed with the thread, cut the excess of fabric, like you can see on the first picture of the post. You now have a heating bag! Put it in the microwave and test it! I went for a minute first, but finally put it in for two minutes and it was perfect for me.

On the next picture, you can see that I filled about half of the bag with rice. You can go from 1/2 to 3/4, depending of how firm you want it to be.

IMG_0982Please stay aware, the first time you heat your bag, so that it does not catch on fire or anything. Just saying. Please do not use a bag made from a weird plastic fabric or anything funky. It’ll be safer if you just stick with cotton bags.

Hope you enjoy the idea!

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