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I’m Marilyn, the girl behind Veggie Pawa! I’ve started this blog quite impulsively on july 2013 and haven’t regretted it so far! Even though I haven’t been cooking meat in a long time, I only went vegetarian in 2013 and vegan in 2014. I feel that choosing a plant based diet is one of the best decisions I took in my life (and I’ve took quite a few). I feel true to myself and I have plenty of energy to do my things and workout hard.

I’m no professional cook or recipe developer. I’ve been interested in nutrition for a while but it’s only since the last few years that I got truly interested in cooking. I’m spending so much time on recipe blogs it’s quite ridiculous. I really enjoy to make food and share recipes. I’m also quite blessed that my boyfriend is as much as I do into vegan-healthy food. As he is the computer geek in the couple, he’s quite proud that I’ve made this blog all by myself (even though it implies that all the photo taking makes him wait much longer before we eat… hihi!)

If you were wondering what was the deal with the name of my blog, well… it just happened that I was watching the tv show Misfits when I started it, and was quite impressed by the strong british accent that made Kelly pronounce “pawa” instead of “power”. Totally random but I felt it would suit my site quite well.

Thanks for stopping by,


N.B.: I’m sorry for my “shitty” english (as Kelly would say). This isn’t my first language, but almost all the websites I follow are in english… so I’ll keep trying, in the hope that practice will make me (almost) perfect!


6 thoughts on “About me

  1. Lovely to stumble across your blog – your picture is so cute! I’m looking forward to having a good browse through your recipes. I really like the sound of spinach and walnut pesto 🙂

  2. I’m sure my husband can definitely relate to waiting much longer to eat! Sometimes I wont let him touch dinner until I’ve finished taking photos. Meanwhile he is sitting there, staring at his plate starving while I’m fluffing around taking snap shots ha ha. You’ve got some great recipes!

    • Hahaha! Poor guys, staring at their plate and starving… At least after the picture taking, they can enjoy really yummy food!

      Thanks for your kind message. It’s really nice of you to tell me I have great recipes. It motivates me to keep going!


  3. apsara says:

    Hi Marilyn, I started following your blog a while ago, and really like your nice recipes organized so well. I have a vegetarian blog too, and look forward to learning from your posts…

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