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Fast Food Made Healthier : Pop Corn With Chili Powder and Piri Piri Sauce

pop corn with piri piri with textToday I won’t share with you any fancy recipe… Instead, I’ll talk to you about one of my favourites — unpretentious — snacks : Spicy Pop Corn!

Strangely, I must admit that I’m not one who usually loves hot sauce. But, when my boyfriend first served me this wildly Seasoned Pop Corn, I literally fell in love with Piri Piri Sauce! I had tried it on some other things before, but it simply became magnificent once put on Pop Corn!

Piri Piri is a traditionnal Portuguese Hot Sauce that you’ll be able to find almost everywhere. Sadly, I didn’t find any organic version in my local store, but I’ll keep looking, cause it’s kinda gross to ingest any kind of preservatives… But, for the time being, I live with the regular non-organic sauce, while waiting to find something better! Do you know where to find organic Piri Piri Sauce in Montreal?

Piri Piri Sauce tastes awesome, for sure! Not only is it good on Pop Corn, but it’s also good with Tofu, or Simply mixed with Olive Oil or Vegenaise to give any meal a kick!

As for the Chili Powder adding to my Pop Corn, well… you know I really am a Chili Powder fan since Childhood (see my Tempeh Helper recipe ), so it was the perfect adding to this Pop Corn Recipe! Yep, my Boyfriend had it right : Piri Piri Sauce and Chili Powder go together like Bananas and Peanut Butter (my fave, self-made expression, yay!) I must admit, even though I do most of the cooking at home, Pop Corn and Pancakes are my lover’s territory!

I strongly recommend you to buy ORGANIC POP CORN to do this recipe. You wouldn’t want to eat any Monsanto crappy OGM, and you’re almost sure to do so if you don’t buy Organic Corn. We kinda buy everything organic in here, but Organic Corn and Soy really are on the top of the “non negotiable” list.

Now, how to make your Pop Corn without a buttery Orville Redenbacher bag? It’s as easy as one, two, three!

What you’ll need

  • Organic Pop Corn
  • Olive Oil
  • Piri Piri Sauce, to taste
  • Chili Powder, to taste

How you’ll proceed

1- Heath a large pan over maximum heath and put enough Olive Oil in it so all the bottom is covered with a thin layer of Oil. Put Pop Corn Kernels according to your hunger (remember it will get about 6 times bigger). Toss the Kernels With a big Spoon to get some Oil on every Seed and quickly close the pan lid.

2- Making Pop Corn is all about Hearing. You’ll soon hear the Pop Corn pop! You’ll know your Pop Corn is done after the popping slows down and then stops for a few seconds. Once it’s ready, close the heat, remove the lid and quickly put the Pop Corn in a big Bowl. When I say quickly, I really mean it! Otherwise, once le lid it open, the Pop Corn will jump everywhere (including in your face, which can be quite surprising at first).

3- Season your Pop Corn to your liking. If you wanna do the same as I do, put as much Piri Piri Sauce and Chili Powder as you need to make you happy. Some others of our favourites seasonings are Nutritional Yeast or Zaathar.

Even though your Pop Corn won’t feel as Greasy and as Salty as the one most of us are used to, you’ll soon appreciate the infinite possibilities of Home Made Pop Corn. Plus, your Snack will be much more healthy! Most of all : a regular greasy little Pop Corn bag costs a little more than a dollar. For the same price (or less), you’ll be able to get a whole lot of Organic Kernels! Isn’t that cool?!

pop corn with piri piriNow, last but not least, it is custom in our House to eat Pop Corn with Chinese Sticks. It keeps the hands clean, forces you to slow down on the frenetic eating and it almost makes Pop Corn classy. I dare you to try!

I hope I convinced you to try some healthier Pop Corn alternatives!

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